Shipping Software, Reinvented

Cetus Labs builds and sells software to simplify and streamline port terminal operations. We've built a modern Terminal Operating System (TOS) called Octopi.

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  • Octopi

    A web-based Terminal Operating System (TOS) that container terminals can easily use to track their cargo and manage all their operations.

    • Cargo Inventory

      Easily keep track of all your cargo.

    • Vessel & Gate Operations

      Track your cargo as it gets moved around your facility.

    • Real-Time EDI

      Keep your strategic partners in the loop.

    • Data Analytics

      Flexible reports and insightful business intelligence.

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Software development is our passion.

The Cetus Labs team is available to build custom solutions. Our only requirements are that your company works in the shipping industry and that you care deeply about the quality of the software that you want us to build for you.

  • Agile Development

    We develop quality software quickly, using an agile process that puts your needs first.

  • Modern Software

    Shipping software does not have to look and feel terrible; we love creating elegant solutions.

  • EDI Solutions

    Overwhelmed by CODECO and COARRI messages? Our team of experts is here to help.

Our mission is to modernize the shipping industry through quality software.

We are located in Miami, Florida.

Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions, please contact us.

  • Can you give us a demo of your TOS?

    Of course! We are extremely proud of Octopi and are always happy to demo it to potential customers. Email us to schedule a demo.

  • What makes Octopi a better TOS?

    Octopi is much more user-friendly than existing TOS systems in the market. It is also built for the web and hosted by Cetus Labs so that you and your partners can access it from anywhere using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

  • Does Octopi offer EDI support?

    Yes. Octopi supports the EDIFACT standard used in the shipping industry. For example, it sends CODECO messages for gate movements and COARRI messages for loading/discharge movements.

  • Why did you call your TOS Octopi?

    Octopi are very smart creatures, known to master mazes, solve problems and even remember past events. Similarly, our TOS is very smart, as it uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve your operations. Also, Octopi have lots of tentacles to ensure they have their hands on all of your terminal's operations.